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Double Two Billboard

Billboard Design for Double TWO in United Kingdom

In 1940, during World War II, Isaak Donner and Frank Myers created the Wakefield Shirt Company in a small shop near Wakefield, England. With cotton in short supply and delicate fabrics available, the company started making blouses for women.

Late 1940s, they cover the entire building and become one of the key players in the market of men’s shirts. With the majority of men returning from the war preferring looser-collar shirts to stiffer ones. Isaak Donner introduces a patent that his family had developed before the war, changing the industry forever.

The patented shirts were designed to be easily customizable. Each shirt came with a replacement collar, which was sewn into place in order to give the shirt a clean look without any dangling pieces.

The new product was an instant success and the company became known by its name!

Double Two

The Result

After successfully deploying Lotus Viral Marketing, in collaboration with Double Two, we were able to deliver a sleek and modern billboard for our client. This design has allowed them to display their status within the fashion industry.

By doing this, the client has elevated their brand to sit comfortably among their competitors. Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, this is much easier for the client to manage and offers greater flexibility.


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Double Two